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Crocodile Love Story Movie Reviews

Crocodile Love Story Review

The film directed by debutant director Anoop Ramesh has Praveen Prem and Avanthika Mohan in lead roles. It is scripted by Sabari Sanker and produced by Anurag Motion Pictures. The cast includes Ashokan, Manikuttan, Kalabhavan Mani, Maya Viswanath and Premkumar etc.

It tells the story of a B. Tech dropout Kiran (Praveen Prem) and Nithya (Avanthika Mohan) who fall in love with each other(which takes a far too long 90 minutes). The girl's parents do not like the relationship with the boy's job, looks, financial status, family etc. being cited as the reasons. The credibility of the love story told is questionable though.

The story goes as the couple happen to get stranded in a remote island, with a crocodile keeping vigil, ready to pounce upon them at any moment - what gives the film the curious the name 'Crocodile Lovestory'. The couples attempts to escape from the island keep the story going.

Manikuttan plays the role of Kiran's pal Sreeraj, a 'spoofed Sreesanth' who causes a few chuckles at a couple of scenes. Kalabhavan Mani made his mark even with his guest performance in the movie. The lead actors had too little to perform. Moreover,it seems obvious that the story indeed is developed from the 'crocodile thread'. Cinematography by Praveen Panicker and music by Arun Sidharth has paid justice to the story.

Technology can be used to enhance the cinematic experience of film. But it is not recommended to make a story to show off the technology.