Salala Mobiles Review

Another debutante has bite the dust with the latest film 'Salala Mobiles' only due to lack of worthy content. A movie which has top notch production values and fine technical sides will not work well just due to the fact that it doesn't have enough to tell, to engage and hold you for an 132 minutes.

In Salala Mobiles, Dulqar Salman is clad as an ordinary young lazy Afsal, whose loving mom (Geetha) is worried for him doing nothing. His uncle working in Salala (Jose) helps him set up a mobile phone shop which he names as Salala Mobiles. He together with his best friend-cum-mobile technician Binoy (Jacob Gregory), starts well but soon Afsal falls for Shahana (Nazriya Nazim), who is studying in a parallel college near the mobile shop. Haven't got the guts to open his mind, Afsal waits for hours to have a look of Shahana. But the arrival of Manaf, who boasts himself to be the lover of Shahana puts him down. One fine day while hunting for his purchases at Coimbatore, he meets Alagarsamy (Santhanam), a software wizard who gifts him with a mind tapping machine a telephone tapping instrument with which the listener can ever intervene in the conversations that is being heard. This does change the pace of the film and a few laughs are generated shortly thereafter, but even with the aid of such a possibility the movie hardly pushes off to the upswing.

The problem with the movie is that it is a decade old love plot with a reluctant hero and beautiful girl who instantly falls for him without double minds. Only the attempts in between to satisfy the voyeur in us, just pushes the film on, but without any convincing finale. The technical sides, the cinematography by Satheesh kurup, the visual effects and even the BGM by Gopisundar are interesting but without any fine thread to hold the whole narratives the movie falls apart without any engaging incidents. Dulqar Salman and Nazriya play their parts pretty well and we do feel for their screen presence and charm but it doesn't convert into a decent watch. The georgeous costumes of Nazriya also is sure to become a fashion statement soon, but nor so does the film. Anwar Shareef as Manaf opens his career in a confident start playing the villain. All in all, this Salala Mobiles may not be of any sort of sure prescription for all, except for the die hard fans of the lead stars. Indeed this could be a warning for all wannabe film makers who are at the different stages of production - Without any workable stronger script, the technical finesse and saleble stars cannot warranty a watchable stuff.