Is it still Pokiri Pongal?

Pokiri, which has emerged the clear winner at the box-office, has been offering nothing less than a sumptuous treat for fans that are thrilled and delighted every time their favorite hero appears on screen.

Right from the titles, the font, the introduction scene with a dialogue which goes, 'Avan adichaa adi vizhaadhu, idi vizhum,' ('If he bashes, you don't feeling the thumps, you feel like a thunder just fell on you') until the very end, director Prabhu Deva has sustained the fervent tempo throughout.

The first song in the film 'Pokiri Pongal' makes the audiences gleefully cheer for their hero. When Prabhu Deva joins Vijay for a short while, it is whistles and excitement at a heightened state! Kudos to both of them on providing a feast to the audiences though they appear together only for a few seconds.

Pokiri is Vijay and Vijay is Pokiri. At the same time, it is amazing to see how the team-work has synchronized so well to give us an output in the form of a racy, power-packed, engrossing, action entertainer that leaves the audiences thirsting for more. If for the most part of the film you admire Vijay and Prabhu Deva, for the rest you cannot but resist sneaking up to the person next to you to whisper, 'Hey, the camera by Nirav Shah is superb. What do you think?' and other times, 'Isn't the editing by Kola Bhaskar crisp and fast enough so much so that it enhances the tempo of the story?' Well, the person next to you could well just say, being the normal layperson in the audience who does not understand the lingo of technicalities, 'I do not know what you are talking about, but I'm amazed at Mani Sharma's music.'

That's Pokiri for you. Packed and packaged with a gripping narrative, this film is sure to leave audiences spell-bound in the first half and at the edge of their seats in the second half. If the songs are scintillating, the rerecording is titillating! Adding gusto to the music, the songs have been well choreographed and have been picturised beautifully in exotic locales. It is a fact that the editing and music have added to the impact of the scenes. There are people who say that violence is a 'bit too much,' but that is what the storyline is all about! It's beating up baddies and doing poetic justice. In such a film, the part of stunt master Fefsi Vijayan is remarkable. The stunt sequence in the scene where Asin proposes her love to Vijay deserves special mention. If you kept batting eyelids, due credit must be given to Fefsi Vijayan.

Art by Kadhir deserves mention. The sets are especially superb in songs, particularly in Maambazhamam mambazham and a few stunt sequences

The punch dialogues from Vijay evoke enormous response from the audiences even after the film has crossed a week. 'Naa oru thadavai mudivi panninaa en pechcha naane ketka matten,' which means, 'If I decide once, I will myself not listen to what I think later,' is one dialogue that thrills Vijay's fans.

Likewise, the comedy track by Vadivelu. Some regional magazines call him 'Vedi velu' (cracker velu) and you realize that this term is completely justified when you watch the film. If you cannot think of Suriya the next time you hum or listen to Suttum Vizhi Sudarae, don't blame Vadivelu. The scene is so hilarious that it tickles the ribs of virtually every person in the theatre.

Asin, as usual, is brilliant. There are many who feel that Simran's place has still not been filled in the Tamil film industry because Simran captivated hearts with not just her histrionics but also her dancing abilities. Vijay and Simran's combination has particularly enthralled audiences because when they dance, it doesn't make you dance but makes you stay put wherever you are just to watch how brilliantly they match their steps well. That Asin is an excellent dancer is established by her boisterous steps, which she does with an amazing ease. As far as performance is concerned, she does her part very well.

In all, it is indeed Pokiri Pongal and by the looks of it, the film will continue rocking theatres.

Good show, Pokiri team!


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