Kaashmora aka Kashmora movie review- Live Tweet Review

Karthi's Kaashmora, also spelled Kashmora, is a multi-genre film directed by Gokul. The SR Prabhu-produced movie has Nayanthara and Sri Divya playing the female leads. Vivek, Sharath Lohitashwa, Madhusudhan Rao and many others are also in the cast.

While the movie released in India on October 28, it saw the light of the day in some foreign countries a day earlier. Below, we bring you the viewers' response to the movie, which has been simultaneously released in Tamil and Telugu with the same name:
Muhammed Arif: #kashmora mixed of Mass movie and Jackson Durai.. but well executed!!!
#kashmora paisa vasool guarantee!!! Kids will surely enjoy!!! Perfect treat for Diwali!!! Go with your family!!!
#kashmora very good first half and average second half!!! Liked comedy portions!!!Second half and CG works could have been better!!!
#kashmora over all one time watchable.. clean family entertainer!!! Watch it for comedy tracks especially for vivek sir performance!!!
#kashmora finished!!! Second half very average..expected lot for the flash back portion & climax but ends with usual commercial horror flick
What Mass movie missed #kashmora fall in the correct place with good comedy and neat screenplay..expect nayan entry post interval.
#kashmora biggest plus is the comedy tracks are moving with logics!!! Clean and neat screenplay!!! Kudos to dir gokul!!!
Sidhu: #Kaashmora: Nevertheless, the horror-comedy genre which is a crowd favorite now is a given, and that should do the job. Let's wait and see.
#Kaashmora: Karthi is a performer and that's proven here, along with Vivek and Nayan - the main cast is the plus point of film.
#Kaashmora: Gokul's ideas are appreciable, but he lacks conviction to hold attention. Few laughs and grand visuals add up - some respite.
#Kaashmora: Borderline enjoyable package which is a mix of horror, comedy, fantasy and period elements. Liked it in parts.
#Kaashmora Interval: On the slower side, but the occasional jokes are keeping it alive. Story picks up pace from the pre-interval scene.
Teejay S: #Kaashmora review (3.5/5) - On overall a great movie for Diwali, that entertains throughout.
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) kudos to this man @prabhu_sr for making such a good film. Takes guts after #Bahubali
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) @Music_Santhosh although the music was a speedbreaker. His BGM was a killer!
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) @Actor_Vivek along with @Karthi_Offl is what kept us so entertained. He is back in style!
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) #SriDivya does the city girl role well. Though it seemed a bit forced into the script.
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) Although #Nayanthara was there briefly. The impact she made was huge!! Looked majestic!
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) @Karthi_Offl as #Rajanayak is menacing & completely different acting style frm Kaashmora!
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) @Karthi_Offl lives the role as the Kaashmora with his gimmicks &brings laughter throughout
Thamarai Kannan: #Kaashmora - comedy works, Horror, mythology,war sequences fail terribly in kaashmora. #Nayanthara a terrible casting choice
Sasi: #kashmora #Kashmora comedy worked out really well. Karthi is back with his core strength.. Finally going to be well deserved hit for karthi
ChristopherKanagaraj: #kashmora | 1st hlf - Except few comedy portion & interval block, nothing is interesting. No Nayan yet, Sridivya for 3 scenes.Vivek gud.Avg!
#kashmora | 2nd hlf - Lengthy, not so interesting screenplay. Karthi & Nayan performace gud. Bgm gud. CGI work okay.A different attempt!!!
VJ Abishek: You might find it lengthy! But best film made in this genre' till date! Every little doubt falls in place n all effort turn worthy #Kashmora
There is still logic in d imaginary world @DirectorGokul has created 4 #Kashmora Solid writing backed by super performances! Pace issues :(
One weird thing abt #Kashmora @Music_Santhosh and the sound designer has given some blank places.
There might be pace issues, bt lovn d way @DirectorGokul has workd on setting d premise of d story by committing it in d dialogs #Kashmora
Entire film is carried by @Karthi_Offl Be it d body language or d enhancements during dubbing, he is outperformed himself! @prabhu_sr rocks
Production value is bludy inspiring! Writing cud've been titer bt comdy 2wards d middle works big time! 1st half settles on a high #Kashmora
Mithunrain: #kashmora complete comedy in first half and the period segment coming in the second half. waiting for grand opening #Diwali
#Kashmora is the david with 50cr budget seems to be ready to challenge the giat goaliath #bahubali with its war sequence n period segment.
Sattish Viswanath: #Kaashmora interval boring here and there, decent humour and few logic missing. CG WORK DONE WELL
Aravind Ramesh: #Kaashmora s a new take on black magic and has wonderful performances and sooper set designs and production value.. Wholesome Entertainer :)


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