Ah Aah Movie Reviews

Starring S.J.Surya, Nila
Music A.R.Rehman
Director S.J.Surya
Producer Madha Creations
Year 2005

Ah Aah Review

The director turned actor has a sure sense of what the market needs. And despite the hoarse sounds of 'foul', Suryah brazenly goes about giving what he usually gives --- plenty of ribald and risque stuff.

A Ah is no different, The film is full of typical fare from Suryah --- fun filled with adult jokes and fantasy. Either you lap up whatever he dishes out or just walk out, smirking your nostrils at the brazenness of it all. With Suryah there are no middle grounds.

Siva (Suryah) is a scribe (an investigative one, mind you) and he shares a live-in relationship with Madhu (Nila) who is rich and bratty. They have their hot-headed run-ins and they have their even hotter patch-ups.

Things come to a head when Madhu gets down to start a restaurant with her brother's friend. A nosey and envious Siva can't take it, and hence a split between the duo. But the fun just starts as the fantasy element steps in the form of their 'apparitional' alter egos. Eventually they come together, but there is plenty of over-the-top fun that typical post-teen youths salivate on.

It is a high-horse play ride that keep the adult audience on the edge. The thing about adult humor is that it can any moment degenerate into sleaze. It depends on the mood that your mind is in.

Suryah of course sees no problem with it all. He has a romp with curvaceous Nila as both go for the hormonal jugular. Suryah's role is somewhat on similar lines to what he did in New --- in that there is lot of fantasy. He enjoys every bit of it. Nila, for a newcomer, shows both finesse and spunk. Urvashi plays her bit properly.

Santhana Bharathy's villain role has nothing new in it. Santhanam, who is getting noticed on the big screen now, dishes his own brand of humor.

The Censor cuts in certain portions make the film jump.

A R Rehman's music is a major ally to this film. His songs capture the mood and momentum perfectly. The Mayilergai song is simply superb.

Once the screenplay has been chosen, Suryah, the director, has very little to do. The film runs on its own hormone count.