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Arima Nambi Movie Reviews

Arima Nambi Review


Arima Nambi takes a usual start at Hard Rock Cafe, where Arjun [Vikram Prabhu] meets Anamika [Priya Anand]. The duo plans for their first date and they down many drinks together. After realizing the clock ticked the bar closing time, they head to Anamika’s appartment. By the time Arjun is back to normal he understands that Anamika is Kidnapped and files a complaint at the local Police station. Where they feel Arjun is dreaming as he is completely drunk. Even then a Police officer enquires the building watchman and Anamika's father also checks the CC Camera video tapes, which depicts that Anamika is on a four day trip with her friends.

Is Arjun hallucinating? What happened to Anamika? Is she a Soul? Why Anamika's father and watchman lying? Forms the crux of Arima Nambi...


Vikram Prabhu was fab as a power packed hero and he pulls off his role with ease. Thanks to the filmmaker, he was enough comfortable while performing the action and chase sequences.

Priya Anand is at her usual best. Gorgeous on-screen presence. Her costumes and US accent fits the bill perfectly.

Arjunan as friends, Yog Japee as police officer and M.S Bhaskar done theri parts well and their contribution is felt throughout the film.

Technical Analysis:

Director Anand Shankar, the man behind Arima Nambi takes all the credits for the film's positive reviews. He has to be appreciated for his script, engaging screenplay that keep audiences hooked to the screens and narration style [All that clarity he gave at the end].

Thanks to the choice of technicians; Drummer Sivamani has shown his hands of experience in music. Arima Nambi background score aptly suits pace of the film, while songs have already impressed listeners visuals are very grand.

Cinematographer RD Rajasekhar’s visuals are classy and brilliant. He maintained the grandeur throughout the film. Stunts and street chases as well choreographed and skillfully captured

Editing is okay, but Bhuvan Srinivasan could have trimmed the movie in the second half towards the climax.


Kalaipuli S Dhanu, the maker who has films like Vijay's Thuppakki, Kanthaswamy, Kaakha Kaakha and many to his credits delivered one more riveting action thriller that is amazingly executed by a newcomer Anand Shankar.

Director retained suspense frame by frame all through the first half of the movie. Action and street chase in the second half are worth watching. His choice of cast and crew is laudable, collective team work is evident in many of the scenes. Use of updated gadgets whenever needed in the movie is thought provoking.

Above all, Arima Nambi is an edge of the seat action thriller with an engaging script and commercial elements.