Bhavani IPS Movie Reviews

Bhavani IPS Review

Bhavani IPS a very long pending film has finally seen the light of the day today. Sneha who was so far seen in glamour and homely girl roles has taken an action avatar for this film. Sneha will be seen in the titular role as the police officer. Bhavani IPS is the remake version of yester years Telugu hit film ‘Vyjayanthi IPS’ which turned Lady Amitabh Vijayashanthi as a super star among the masses. She performed ultimate stunts in the film by taking heavy risk. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sampath, Ilavarasu, Manobala, Rajkapur, Vivek and Manoj K. Jayan are playing as supporting cast. The film is directed and produced by G. Kicha.

Bhavani IPS Story:

The story turns around a strict and tough IPS officer Bhavani who is incharge of a town. An aspiring MLA and gangster Siva lingam (Kota Srinivasa Rao) holds the whole control of the same town. Bhavani takes action on his activities on strict note and this irks Siva Lingam and his gang. Siva Lingam controls from police to politicians with his power. One day Bhavani takes charge on him and his gang and as usual seen in other police stories they end up with a conflict. Vowing to take revenge against Bhavani, Siva Lingam attempts to kill Bhavani’s sister and starts giving lot of trouble and also spoils her name and fame. A series of events starts haunting Bhavani and she will be removed from Police service. The rest of the story deals with on how Bhavani overcomes all her obstacles.


Sneha performed excellently as a cop. During action sequences she carried out well but the most of the film runs only on action where we come across similar kind of kicks, jumps and fisticuffs. Kota Srinivasa Rao who played the baddie has performed well by putting all his experience. Vivek’s comedy provides some laughter but was seen only in few scenes. The rest of the cast gave an okay performance.

Director has choosed very old-fashioned script which doesn’t match the current genre. If the same film would have hit the screens ten years back then atleast it would have been an average performer. The dialogues in the film also were not striking and have chances to click at only C centers. On a whole, one should have great patience to watch this film as it doesn’t appeal all sections of audience.