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Chandhamama Movie Reviews

Chandhamama Review

Chandamama revolves around a man named Santhana Krishnan who dreams of becoming a novelist. Whether he is able to realise his dream and whether he faces any problems along the way forms the crux of the plot.

‘Santhanakrishnan’ (Karunaas) is a writer who wants to make it big despite his limited (writing) talent. His caring dad (Ilavarasu) sends money to help his son publish a book. In fact, he publishes his own books and writes under the pen name ‘Chandamama’.

But Chandamama is no great talent to achieve his desire.Enters pretty looking sales girl Mary (Swetha Basu) in his life and turn of events leads to Chandamama marrying the former.

Mary advices Chandamama to change his way of writing and tells him that if he really intends to shine, he has to go through those experiences in real life too.

There is a twist when Yuvan (Harish Kalyan), an aspiring singer meets his newly-wed wife ‘Mary’ (Swetha) and falls in love with her without realising that she is a married woman! At this point, the protagonist takes a decision to write based on this real-life experience.

Does Santhanam achieve his goal of becoming a famous writer or not, forms the rest of the plot.