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Enakku Innoru Per Irukku Movie Reviews

Enakku Innoru Per Irukku Review

Enakku Innoru Per Irukku (EIPI) is another attempt by GV Prakash (with less adult content though) where he re-establishes his motivation to stay as the demigod of “soup boys” or youngsters who do anything for the pursuit of their love. Directed by Sam Anton, EIPI does not boast of a unique tale or any revelating plot. It is a story of a young man and the journey he embarks on as he decides to become the heroines alter ego. This template tale is told against a typical North Chennai gangster cultured background.

With some mindless comedy and a dose of ‘A’ or double meaning jokes here and there, one understands that GV Prakash has decided not to snap out of the zone he was pushed into by his previous flick Trisha Illana Nayanthara (TIN). Some rush in the process of filmmaking comes across blatantly as continuity errors, dubbing improvisations, lip sync issues which can be spotted in every other frame which eventually challenge the aesthetics of the film.

Improvement as a performer is evident in the way GV Prakash carried his role as Johnny. Anandhi unfortunately has nothing much to offer in this tale which otherwise has an impressive cast list forming its supporting roles. Saravanan, VTV Ganesh, Nirosha, Mottai Rajendran and all others do their job just fine. Yogi Babu and Karunas at instances become a ray of hope to the engagement factor of the story.

An average work rendered by GV Prakash on the keys fails to make any impact through songs nor through the BGM. When a banner like Lyca Production is involved in the making of a film the expectation in terms of production value is set high. EIPI falls short even in that aspect. Functional work rendered behind the lens and edit table withholds excitement.

Having said all this, EIPI might become that close to reality film for a set of youngsters and eventually making it an entertaining film that might enjoy a stay in the box office.