Inbaa Movie Reviews

Starring Shaam, Sneha
Music Balaji PB
Director Vendhan
Year 2007

Inbaa Review

Be warned that you cannot expect anything new from the movie. It is just yet another film showing a rich and arrogant girl falling for a poor guy. The teaming up of Shaam and Sneha after a long gap doesn€™t make any magic, as the love between them lacks genuine emotions.

The premise has potential to be an engaging film. It shows a guy, who has a bitter experience with love during his teen age. The experience makes him cynical about girls and love. But the movie doesn۪t move ahead based on this aversion. Instead it relies on a clich̩d track of love and action.

'Inba', directed by S.T Vendan, revolves around the love between Inba (Shaam) and Priya (Sneha), which is vehemently opposed by Priya€™s €˜dada€™ brother Mala Ganesan (Arun Pandian). Priya€™s collage mate Rupan (Aravind) and his brother SP (Aadithya) add another dimension to the tale.

'Inba' has just come out from a juvenile jail for accidentally killing his classmate Jyothi (Purnitha), a girl in school who cruelly cheats him. He gets a €˜Job€™ as a body guard to a rich girl Priya, who is harassed by her collage mate Rupan.

Initially Priya hates the arrangement and tries to get rid of Inba in crude ways. But she instantly starts loving him, after he saves her life from a ploy by Rupen. Though Inba discourages her love initially, because of his disturbed past, he slowly falls in love.

But Priya€™s dada brother, the local don Mala Ganesan, is ready to even kill Inba to separate them. But Rupan, who is mad about Priya, interrupts through his brother, the SP of the area. He tries to eliminate Inba and Ganesan to get Priya for his brother. The climax settles everything with a happy end after a lot of stunts and blood shed.

Dullness is the word that strikes your mind when you think of the script filled with predictable proceedings. The love between Shaam and Sneha fails to attract our attention. The characterisation of the main players is but clichéd. The only thing the director has done well is the execution of the flash back scenes involving the juvenile home and the high school.

Shaam is competent in a role that doesn€™t provide any challenge. He has portrayed the guy with a disturbed part well. But he looks monotonous, as his expressions cease to change through out the film.

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View Inba Gallery

Sneha looks good and smiles beautiful. There is no much to write about her character and her portrayal.

Arun Pandiyan, Sulakshana, Rekha, Adithya, Arvind and Poornitha have done their respective parts well. Ganja Karuppu comes out with a routine comedy track that fails to pass muster.

P.B Balaji€™s music leaves much to be desired. The background score is too loud to be enjoyable.

Inba suffers by a predictable script and a dull treatment. The film would have been better had the director developed the story based on the past of the protagonist. Instead he uses it as just a backdrop to tell you a routine love €“ action drama.