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Keeripulla Movie Reviews

Starring Yuvan, Disha Pandey
Music Jeffrey
Director Firose Khan
Producer Ambika Shiva
Year 2013

Keeripulla Review

Yuvan and 3 of his friends live the easy life, picking pockets, and committing petty thefts! One day, Yuvan saves Firosekhan's life from a gang who are chasing him, trying to kill him. Deeply indebted to Yuvan, he gives him his visiting card, asking him to approach him in times of need! Yuvan is deeply in love with schoolgirl Disha. Yuvan's friend's sister is like an elder sister to all the 4 boys. When she goes to Trichy to attend an interview, she is molested by a Policeman.

Vowing to avenge their sister, the 4 boys head to Trichy to exact revenge! However, their planning goes awry, and they are caught by the Police. Meanwhile, Disha's aunt has arranged for her to be married off to a wealthy man, against her wishes! Will the boys be able to escape? Can Yuvan save his lady love? Why are Saravanan and his gang hot on Yuvan's tail? What secret does Firosekhan hide? To know the answers to all these questions and more, watch Keeripulla on the big screens!

Director Firosekhan has woven a classy, high-speed, complex tale of revenge and betrayal, around four young men! What seemingly starts off as an innoccuous light-hearted tale, catapults into an intense and action-packed ride! From an angry school boy to a full-fledged action role in Keeripulla, Yuvan has surely come a long way! He has especially excelled in the action sequences, and seems well set to come a full round in Tamil Cinema! Disha Pandey plays a beautiful foil to the furious Yuvan. Ganja Karuppu is his usual humorous self in his 50th outing in cinema! Saravanan as the ruthless baddie and Firosekhan as the complex don, carry off their roles with ease! The story starts off on a casual note, but picks up pace, and post the interval goes at break-neck speed with a number of twists and turns!

Firosekhan has handled the plot well, and keeps the viewers guessing as to what the next scene is going to be! Japri's music adds to the mood of the movie! The action sequences, that too in the second half, need a special mention!