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Kozhi Koovuthu Movie Reviews

Kozhi Koovuthu Review

Kozhi Koovudhu revolves around the adulteration of such birds that are done for the sake of business. The drama is laced with family, emotions and romance that keep the audiences quite involved into the film. The protagonist (Ashok) is from a family with below poverty line that consists of his mother and young sister. He has been facing tribulations due to heavy pending money he had borrowed from a rich landlord in the town.

Apparently, this leads him to kick-start the sales of selling fake chicks drenched in various paint colours. With his uttermost energy, he keeps his voices raised to sell them in various towns and cities and during such juncture; he comes across a beautiful girl (Sija Rose), who comes to buy his product. Eventually, they both fall in love and things take a turn when Ashok sees her being taken somewhere by the landlord. What’s the relationship between landlord and the girl? Is it the end of their love story? Watch the rest over screens.

Ashok has shown a matured performance in this film and he creates an impact with her acting adeptness throughout the flick. The scenes where he is smashes black and blue for selling the fake chicks and his reasonable statement is one of the best performance. His facial expressions and body language, where he sells the chicks in front of his belle’s house is enjoyable. Actress Sija Rose gains our attention with her beautiful looks, but could have attempted for some more matured performance. She looks little unrealistic with her dialogue and portrayal. Bose Venkat, who plays the negative role sleepwalks with excellence, but doesn’t get more scope. The other actors that include Narain as Sija’s father, the one in her granny’s role and Ashok’s friend have done justice to their role. Jayaprakash’s cinematography and musical spell by Ramraj are top-notch factors. Ramraj sends us questioning on wonder, who’s this new guy for his wonderful songs and background score. Director Ranjth comes up with a simple tale and convincing screenplay. If he continues to come up with such unique themes in future, he will be surely felicitated for it.