Puthagam Review

This film marks the directional debut of prominent TV personality Vijay Adhiraj. He has actually done a decent job by threading a link between a group of new faces and some seasoned performers.

The story of ‘Puthagam’ is quite simple! Three young men face ‘Financial’ problems when their pockets are empty and even when money is pouring in. The source of this sudden overflow of money is disclosed as the film moves on.

Sathya, Sanjay Bharathi and Vignesh play the roles of the three youngsters in the film. Among the three, only Sathya seems to be lucky as he gets to romance Rakul Preet Singh, who plays the role of a news channel reporter.

Jagapathy Babu plays an important character as a casual gun-slinging mercenary. Director Vijay Adhiraj seems to be a cleaver man by casting many professional and popular TV artists in important roles. The rapport he shares with these TV stars is clearly seen in the performance he has extracted from them. Uma Padmanabhan, Suresh, Thalaivasal Vijay, Santhana Bharathi, Fathima Babu and Mano Bala form the rest of the cast.

Technically ‘Puthagam’ doesn’t look very strong; it is certainly not a poor one either. Cinematographer Laxman Kumar has done a good job while James Vasanthan has delivered a brilliant background score which adds the necessary spice whenever it is needed.

Though the director has come up with an unique storyline, ‘Puthagam’ fails to be an exciting page-turner with his poor screenplay. Though the running time isn’t too long, the film seems like a ‘Daily Soap’ (which the director was earlier part of). The dialogues could have been a bit more crisper. Had the director taken care of the cliché drama and sentiments, ’Puthagam’ could have been an ‘edge of the seat’ thriller. Instead, it turns out to be an usual drama with a pinch of romance to it.

Sathya, Sanjay Bharathi, Rakul Preet Singh and Vignesh have delivered a sensible performance on-screen. Kudos to the director for his brilliant casting.

This ‘Puthagam’ need not be there in your deck of books. But, borrow it once from a lending library to get the feel of it