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Saattai Movie Reviews

Saattai Review


Dayalan [Samuthirakani] is an idealistic teacher in a diffident school, who strives hard in bringing up the best from students and soon becomes very popular among his colleagues too. As the story is taking shape, in a very less time Dayalan becomes the favorite teacher, as he achieves success in making a girl student to speak confidently in front of everyone and achieves success even in bringing out good results from good-for-nothing students by tapping their talents well. Here comes one more teacher Singaperumal [Thambi Ramaiya] quite opposite to Dhayalan and is never interested in conducting classes and always tries to punish students. Beyond all these Singaperumal is totally against the reformatory measures taken by Dhayalan and also raises a war against him keeping head master and other teachers in his control.

Meanwhile Dhayalan brings his control over the class 12B that is considered as most arrogant and undisciplined batch in the school. Here we come across other lead Pazhanimuthu [Yuvan], who falls for his classmate Arivazhagi [Mahima] with the help of Pandi and friends. Arivazhagi is a loyal child to her parents and ruins all the attempts made by Pazhanimuthu and also complaints Dhayalan about his moves. Suddenly Arivazhagi consumes poison, which made rumors take shape on her with Dhayalan and this situation is well utilized by Singaperumal, who harms Dhayalan along with few thugs.

What happens to Dayalan? Will he manage to get good results to the school in final exams? Did Singaperumal changes as a lawful teacher? Last but not least does Pazhanimuthu gains Arivazhagi’s love? forms the crux of Saattai…


Samuthirakani has well performed as a do-gooder and responsible teacher Dhayalan. Director- actor Samuthirakani has handled the film Saattai on his shoulders. Samuthirakani’s expressions need a specially mention, especially in the scene where he is rumored to be accuse for Mahima’s death attempt, he just hold the situation with through his facial expressions and less dialogues.

Yuvan, as a reckless student and a lover-boy did his parts well. Mahima has done a good job and has shown matured performance in the scenes including her. Thambi Ramaiah as a vice-principle and culprit showed an irritating performance in a negative role.

Technical Analysis:

Debutant director M Anbazhgan has done a sincere attempt and neatly picturized the film Saattai. But the backdrop is the whole movie revolves around Samuthirakani’s character, which is too preachy and sentimental at times and the way other teachers in the school are portrayed as idiots and thugs to glorify the Kani’s character.

Shreya Goshal's 'Sahaayane Sahaayane..' song in the composition of D, Imman is one of the highlights of Saattai. Cinematography by Jeevan is ok and the background scores are good too.

Director-Producer Prabhu Solomon’s production values in association with John Max ('Mynaa' producer) under Shalom Studios banner are high.


Saattai holds nice message but too preachy. Debutant director Anbazhagan has succeeded in bringing out his message well with no coin unturned, but coming to the script it becomes one-sided and makes Samuthirakani to be a super hero, a do-gooder, who is able to solve all issues regarding the corrupt educational system.

The difference in Saattai compared to ‘Dhoni’ and ‘Nanban’ is, Samuthirakani besides being the idealistic teacher also reforms the other teachers in the school along with disruptive students. However Saattai is fast paced with only 2 hours 18 minutes running time and the effort taken by the director to convey his message has to be appreciated.

And the school romance between Yuvan and Mahima is also sensitively portrayed with Shreya Goshal’s melodious “Sahaayane…” song in the background.