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Samar Movie Reviews

Samar Review


Sakthi(Vishal) a straight forward young Forest trek guide is in love with Roopa (Sunaina) but the latter breaks up with him and leaves to Bangkok. However, Shakti later finds a letter from Roopa which carries a flight ticket asking him to come to the Bangkok. Shakti comes across Maya (Trisha) who helps him from bizarre events in the place while in the meantime, he is hunted by goons. Shakti’s life turns completely twisted with new happenings and that forms the crux of Samar.


Vishal is superb and, as always he rocked in action sequences along with emotional scenes through his expressions. Vishal is at his ease in action entertainers and it’s proved again.

Trisha is gorgeous and she has a good screentime with a pivotal role which required her presence all through the movie. She has carried off the role with much ease.

Sunaina impresses with her brief role as Roopa. J.D. Chakravarthy and Manoj Bajpai have done extremely good job as baddies and their screen presence is amazing. Sampath, Jaiprakash, John Vijay and Srimaan are perfect in their roles.

Technical Analysis

Richard M. Nathan’s cinematography is lavish and has captured the locales of Bangkok beautifully. The songs 'Poikkaal Kudhirai', 'Azhago Azhagu' looked good and rich on screens while Yuvan's music attracts the listeners and the background score elevates the pace of the movie. Editing could’ve been better while the screenplay is gripping. CG works of the film are tacky. Production Values are rich.


First half of the film is quite racy and creates curiosity among the viewers with a sense of anxiety. The movie has a good number of action episodes that will sure entertain action movie lovers. The second half answers all your questions though it could have been a bit twistier screenplay though it entertains with gripping happenings. Thiru has come up with a decent storyline and gripping screenplay while Vishal attracts with his looks as well as action scenes. The locales are breathtaking in Forest scenes, Chase sequences and in songs that needs a special mention. The film is a bit lengthy and could’ve been cut down while the logic has gone for a toss at times and the nativity is missing. Nevertheless, Samar has a good number of twists, action elements and maintains suspense and thrill elements.