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Thalaivaa Review


Vijay (Vishwa) is a professional dancer and a dance school owner in Australia. One day Vishwa happens to see Amala Paul, who joins his dance school and fell in love with her. As story progresses, Vishwa plans to come back to Mumbai to meet his father-leader Sathyaraj (Anna) and travels along with Amala Paul and her father (Suresh), which split up with a twist for second half.

In addition, Sathyaraj gets arrested and in process Vishwa happens to replace his father as Vishwa bhai, faces antagonist, needless second heroine leads to excellent climax finally. Why Sathyaraj is arrested? Why did Vishwa become a bhai? Watch Thalaivaa to know the itching interval twist, intellectual scenes and climax…


Vijay appears in new look as a cool dude Vishwa and Vishwa bhai. Known for his dance, Vijay has given his finest performances till date as a dance guy. Ilayathalapathy is feast to watch as a typical lover and also as leader.

Amala Paul has given her best and the interval bang needs a special mention. Amala managed to equal her dancing levels with Ilayathalapathy as his dance partner.

Santhanam is back with his pack of one-liners. His comedy is an asset to Thalaivaa amidst engaging script and evergreen classic outlook. Ponvannan and Rajiv Pillai have done their parts well.

Veteran Satyaraj is outstanding as Vijay’s father and leader. Ragini Nandwani is gorgeous in meaty role. Abhimanyu Singh is ok but Nassar is wasted.

Technical Analysis:

AL Vijay has engaged audiences with slow screenplay and well executed twists in Thalaiavaa but failed to present few scenes that ended in reviewing of evergreen classis way reminding viewers of Nayagan and Thevar magan.

GV Prakash Kumar’s background is not as appealing as Thalaivaa music album especially some scenes were not so appealing because of poor BGM.

Nirav Shah’s cinematography is felt throughout the film. Editor Anthony could have trimmed the second half, because it is slow pace and more ethics.


Most of the first half of Thalaivaa is taken in Australia, based on the script that Vijay is a professional dancer there. Followed by Sathyaraj [a local leader] scenes were captured in Chennai suburbs.

Thalaivaa’s first half is breezy compared to second half, due to the good on-screen chemistry of Ilayathalapathy and Amala Paul along with Santhanam’s comedy and hair raising interval bang. Vijay, Amala Paul and Santhanam are the assets f Thalaivaa, besides probable screenplay and GV Prakash’s misplaced background scores and last but not least AL Vijay’s ever-liking slow pace taking.

Unlike other Vijay films, Thalaivaa is a clean entertainer with not many action scenes and fights. Thalaivaa has upbeat first half ,with a hold in second half by means of a bit serious into script leading to climax alongside Ilayathalapathy dance and cool dude looks.