Udhayam NH4 Review


Prabhu (Siddharth) is a Tamil guy who studies engineering in Bangalore along with Rikhitha (Ashritha Shetty). One day Rikhitha gets kidnapped by Prabhu and his friends. Rikhitha’s father (Avinash), who is a Minister of Karnataka, appoints a special encounter specialist Manoj Menon (Kay Kay Menon) to trace his daughter and to kill the kidnappers. In the quest of finding the kidnappers, Manoj Menon will go through many tough challenges and many unexpected series forms the crux.


Siddharth delivers sufficient performance as Prabhu. He has left his lover boy image and sported a rugged look for the movie and delivers a restrained performance as needed.

Ashritha performed quite well and impresses with her some chubby looks and her onscreen pairing with Siddharth is most-promising.

Kay Kay Menon performed well as brutal encounter specialist who is both arrogant and intelligent also adding humor to the scenes. His romantic backdrop is quite interesting.

Technical Analysis

Velraj has done a great job in capturing chasing scenes and all songs are beautifully captured. G.V.Prakash music is an added advantage while the background score is promising for the plot. Editing by Kishore Te has been very impressive. Manimaran as a first timer impresses with his unique screenplay and neat presentation. But the screenplay falters at few moments and the basic plotline is quite simple. Dialogues are crisp and entertaining. Production values are standard.


Manimaran should get the credits for implementing simple story into a most promising action thriller. There are few upturned situations in the movie which makes it more absurd. Poor lip sync by the lead actors should not be encouraged and this is reduced by speaking other languages like Hindi, English. The first half of the film is very entertaining with Siddharth’s friend Karthik’s comedy liners. Second half of the movie has got some immense pace with some unexpected climax.