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Vallinam Review


Vallinam begins with two best buddies in Trichy Krishna [Nakul] and Shiva [Kreshna] who are passionate about Basketball. After an interesting conversation between the two there is an Inter College Basketball Competition where Shiva meets with an accident and breaths his last. This makes Krishna decide stay away from basketball and enrolls to Chennai National College, where cricket players lead by Siddharth Jonnalagadda rule his Juniors as they won Championship twice.

Incidental twist in the story: Krishna makes new friends in the college and Guna is also a basketball player. As Krishna's old coach Aadhi says, “Despite rejection things that are truly loved will comeback to us some day”, situation forces him to return to basketball ground for a good cause. How will Krishna overcome his senior and cricket team captain Siddharth and How will he manage to prove the pride of the sport, his team and college in Chennai. Forms the crux of Vallinam...


Nakul Jaidev bounce back with his performance and his attempt to play basketball in the film proves his hardship for the best outcome of Vallinam.

Jayaprakash and Atul Kulkarni played the two key roles that lead the movie after Nakul. Jagan is worth mentioning, he has bring the perfect comic relief for Vallinam and is at his best.

Mrudhula Bhaskar has done her parts well, though she has very few to perform as there is less of commercial element in the movie.

Cameos by Kreshna Kulasekaran, Aadhi are aptly done and supportive to film's front. Siddharth Jonnalagadda fits his bill.

Technical Analysis:

Arivazhagan has to be appreciated for coming up with a script that is against the league and for presenting it feasibly. But could have worked more on first-half maintaining the tempo as the main theme is discussed in the second half.

SS Thaman composed Vallinam songs are passable with the visuals. Background scores are pulsating, especially in the second half they raise the enthusiasm supporting the pace of the movie.

Cinematography plays key role in Vallinam and debutante Baskaran has done a wonderful job behind the lens. See Vallinam and the live experience of watching a basketball match is free. His colors and light settings are great in the climax basketball match.

Sabu Joseph VJ's editing could have been much better in the first half, while second half is adequate for its theme and message.


Arivazhagan Venkatesan proves he is a powerful director with the right knowledge on the energy quotient, screenplay and narration in the film. Director has almost succeeded with fast paced screenplay, high-octane cast et al but failed in incorporating commercial elements, which he could have avoided.

Overall, Vallinam falls scummy in the first half after initial 15 mins, which is never felt after the interesting interval bang and second half is tight and commendable message at the end.