Thambikkottai Movie Reviews

Thambikkottai Review

“Thambikottai” was an important film for Narain, whose last release was “Anjathey” that came about three years ago. It marks his attempt at returning to the action genre, a change from the cop roles he has been doing so far.

The question is, whether the film delivers and makes a difference to the hero who was waiting anxiously, rejecting so many scripts, to try something different? Sadly, the answer is no.

This is the story of Chennai-based brother and sister – Alagiri (Narain) and Shanmughapriya (Meena). While the latter is a lecturer, the former studies in the same college. When she is teased by students, he beats them all up.

The story shifts to the Thambikottai village when Alagiri goes on an NSS camp with his professor (MS Basker) and friends (Santhanam and gang). There, he meets Kanaga (Poonam Bajwa), daughter of a hoodlum-type-rich-man Amirthalingam (Rajendran) who tries to kill government officers who want to repair a damaged bridge that connects the village with the rest of the world.

The villagers suffer because of this.

The village has a connection to Alagiri, his sister and their dead father, Shanmugam (Prabhu).

The script smells of old. The reason behind villain’s resoluteness to keep the bridge unused is quite illogical. The script is lackluster without any interesting twists. There is hardly any brilliant scene to point out.

Narain does his best to portray himself as an action hero. However, he as a college student is too much to accept! He doesn’t look the part. Secondly, his action sequences do not help him. It’s time an actor of his calibre should start looking at better scripts to pep up his career.

Poonam is charming and convincing as the village belle and Aarthi and Santhanam do add some light moments.

The one performance which stands out is that of Sangeetha, who lives the role of the lady don. Though her character is larger than life, she has played it to the best of her ability. Her villainy could have been better utilized in the script.

Meena, Prabhu and Rajendran do their best.

The music is nothing to write home about, though the songs are peppy and suit the different situations. “Thiruvizha” is a foot tapping number.