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Wagah Movie Reviews

Wagah Review

Vasu (Vikram Prabhu) is a Border Security Force officer camped at the India-Pakistan border. His otherwise lonely life becomes all happy and colourful when he meets Khanam/Kajal (Ranya Rao) who hails from Pakistan. In an attempt to safely take her back to her parents, Vasu gets caught by Pakistani army officials and he is tortured in a secret cell along with other Indians. How he makes his way out from there and returns to his homeland forms the rest of the plot.

The scenes shot at Kashmir are visually pleasing but a lot more could have been achieved using the naturally beautiful locales.

Vikram Prabhu has put in some sincere efforts and his performance and role is intense as a BSF guard.

Imman's background score blends really well with the plot and it's a major plus for the film.

The director's efforts to show the difficult lives of army men/BSF officials have worked well.

The screenplay is very amateurish with a lot of narration in the first half. Even the pace is extremely slow in the first half of the film.

Ranya Rao looks beautiful as a Pakistani girl but she has delivered a weak performance.

The dubbing is very poor and it affects the overall feel of most scenes.

There are too many logical loopholes sewn in to suit the convenience of the plot.

Songs are a forcefit.


Verdict: Wagah Looks good with logical loopholes overall shows its Average Movie