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Ko Review

KO Story:

The story starts at Dinanjali, a newspaper office where Ashwin (Jeeva), is a photographer while Renu (Karthika) and Saraswathi (Piyaa) are seen as journalists working woth the same newspaper. All three of them try to break the news and stand up on their toes for all getting the latest happenings news. Ashwin's lens is creative and he captures all well.

Moving forward the next character Vasanth (Ajmal) gets introduced and he is an engineer. Though he is an engineer his aim is to become a politician and aspires to change the society. Vasanth plans to contest in the upcoming elections. Ashwin who has good political contacts he makes his friend Ajmal a politician for a good cause. But after turning as a politician Vasanth turns into a corrupted politician like all other politicians and kicks out Ashwin from his camp. Yogi (Prakash Raj) is the Chief Minister of that political party. Vasanth joins his hands with Yogi and forgets to do good for the society. During some unexpected mishap Saro gets killed in a bomb blast. Bu seeing all these Ashwin plans to bring down Vasanth by using the same political contacts. But Vasanth who is annoyed with the chain reactions plans to take revenge on Ashwin. The rest of the story forms the interesting plans of Jeeva with a twist in the story.


All the performances by the vital cast are excellent, and equally praiseworthy.

Jeeva stands out as Ashwin and he looked cool stylish, flawless and urbane in his character. Wow! His dialogue delivery and body language are outstanding and brilliant. While performing action and serious scenes he perfectly transformed himself well and brought right dynamism.

Karthika has made her Kollywood debut with KO and has performed her role with ease and élan. She looked beautiful and especially in songs both Jeeva and Karthika looked as a perfect pair. No doubt Karthika will soon make herself to the top list of actresses.

Piaa Bajpai is good in the role of journo and is the right fit. Thanks to director KV Anand for choosing her. Piaa looked simple and stylish.

Ajmal as Vasanth has given equal performance to that of Jeeva. He excelled in his role and proved his mettle once again with KO. He comes up with victory with this film.

Watch out for Prakash Raj’s outstanding performance and one can’t blink his eyes while he is on screens. He is back after a long time with a meaty role and undoubtedly he rocked in his role. Especially during counter sequences with Jeeva deserve great ovation. Waiting for many movies from you Prakash Ji.

Cinematographer - Director K V Anand has made this film with heart and soul as he started his career as a photojournalist. He directed the film in his own pace and also added all real life instances which are engrossing, entertaining and racy. Many movies have appeared on screen of this genre but the director has made a different attempt by showing the media men as demi gods. KV Anand has elevated the human angle of the journalists. In fact Anand has clearly showed the guts, willpower and the passion towards the profession through Ashwin’s character.

Music by Harris Jayaraj is undoubtedly outstanding. He can be termed as one of the hero in KO. He scored smooth and catchy tunes which when viewed with visuals are simply a great eye treat. Especially the locations in Norway are beautiful and one will surely plan for a trip to Land of Rising Sun. Background score is racy and it has along with the proceedings.

The way the film is detailed deserves a great applause and the film is better understood in each and every scene and it makes sure that we are into the movie straight away. Script by Subha is fast and furious. Thanks to him.

Cinematography by Richard Nathan is excellent. He captured the foreign locales exceedingly brilliant. Editing by Anthony is appreciable.

On a whole KO is brave and pacy as the shown in the trailers and promos. One can’t move his eyes from the screens as the film engages the audiences with a well designed story. As confessed by KV Anand, KO is definitely double of Ayan. The film is surely a great entertainer and you will not get bored at any given point of time. Thanks for the entire team for giving a out and out chilling entertainer in this hot summer.