Badrinath 1 Week Collections 28. 25 crores

Badrinath one week collections: Allu Arjun's Badrinath movie 1 week collections amounted to Rs. 28. 25 crores. Badrinath producer Allu Aravind in a press meet said that Badrinath movie 1st week collections were Rs. 28. 25 crores and share was 20.75 crores. The movie collections were also recorded as the biggest in this year so far. This Badrinath's 1 week collection is the second highest collections in Telugu film industry history it seems and the first highest collections went to Magadheera, which also belongs to Geetha Arts.

During Badrinath's success meet in Hyderabad, producer Allu Aravind said that Badrinath one week collections gross was Rs. 28.25 crores and share was rs. 20.75 crores – the second highest after Magadheera. Badrinath movie was released on June 10 with high expectations but did not meet the required rigor. However, it terms of colletions, perhaps Badrinath movie 1 week collections is one of the biggest so far.