Brammigaadi Katha Movie Reviews

Brammigaadi Katha Review


Shiva (Varun Sandesh), a final year engineering student while traveling to his uncle’s house in Hyderabad meets a girl Maya (Asmita Sood), who is in trouble. Shiva saves her from the goons and when train reaches Hyderabad she goes away. He stays with his uncle (Jayaprakash Reddy) and his cousin Bhagya (Poonam Kaur), who wants to marry him. Shiva comes across Maya again in Hyderabad being chased by goons and he tries to help her. Meanwhile Jayaprakash Reddy who wants to produce a film listens to a script narrated by director Bramhi (Bramhanandam). Shockingly, everything that Brahmi narrates happens for real. How does Brahmi knows the troubles of Maya? What is Maya’s story is the rest of Brahmigadi Katha.


Varun Sandesh is fine but he needs to work on his dialogue delivery on his weird American accent. Asmitha Sood is expressionless and is painful to watch. She needs to improve her expressions and learn basics if she wishes to stay long here. Krishnudu is acceptable, Poonam Kaur is passable. Brahmanandam and Jayaprakash Reddy has got more screen space and their dialogues and expressions leave audience in splits. Other actors are adequate.

Technical Analysis:

Koti’s music is below average and we don’t remember a single song when we leave the theaters. Background score is mediocre. Cinematography is average and nothing to rave about. Editing is fine. Eeswar Reddy has come up with good plotline and a tolerable screenplay and narration. However, the story seems to have resemblance to Sekhar Suri’s A Film By Aravind. Dialogues are fine. Production Values are okay though nothing to boast of.


Brahmigadi Katha seems to be inspired from A Film By Aravind however, Brahmanandam narrates the story here and promises to give enough entertainment factor. Brahmanandam and Jaya Prakash Reddy turn out to be the real heroes of this laughing riot with their mannerisms, dialogues and expressions than Varun Sandesh. However, a taut script and screenplay would have added more zing to the efforts of director.