Premam Review

Almost it’s been a year since the Naga Chaitanya Akkineni film was released after “Dochay” dissapointment this is the most excited movie that he was busy in Sahasam Swasaga Saagipo shooting and also the Telugu Premam movie full length school student, graduation student and full length love story role in the movie Premam as we have already seen in original movie now the same 3 friends group being continued by the Telugu narration as some minute changes have been made according to the Telugu audience pulse and nativity issue the movie will be complete romantic drama throughout the show with a super known ride with our actors.

According to sources no huge changes were made except locations and comedy dialogue were added in this movie and as well all know John is guy who fell in love with his SSLC mate in Kerala no in this movie Naga Chaitanya will be in love with Anupama (same girl in the original movie) and the story go on continues along with the scenes of his graduation in Andhra University (Vishakapatnam) where most of the film was shot in and around AU at vizag. The malar story is the main key and soul of the film in which Shruthi Haasan already failed to grab attention because of many digital media trolls due to loss of originality in emotions so .. apart from critic reviews and ratings we have to wait and see the complete movie to enjoy genuine acting of three of the guys along with Chai and Anupama, Madonna, Shruti .

We have tried with our one of the best acting performances till date and we haven’t even tries to overtake the original craze and acting we just attempted a good movie to present in front of your with our nativity combined in Telugu. Hope you all enjoy this movie throughout. I’m very confident about the success of this movie and will definitely make another movie with Chandoo — Naga Chaintanya at Audio Launch

Premam Telugu Movie Plus Points

Naga Chaitanya Acting and Screen Presence
As usual Madonna grabs everyone’s heart in last 30 mins
Andhra University Sequences
Song Locations
Premam Telugu Movie Minus Points

Very Minute loss of originality in second half
Slow screenplay in first half

A Complete Chai (Naga Chaitanya) kind of film, one can completely sit back and enjoy throughout. Now, don not miss this movie on festival weekend with families and friends of yours at your nearby theaters.