D For Dopidi Review


Four young friends Raju, Vicky, Harish, Bannu (Varun Sandesh, Sundeep Kishan, Naveen and Rakesh) who are in financial troubles plan for bank robbery. With a pre-planned sketch, they enter the bank with dummy weapons sporting masks and execute the robbery. Though it works initially, they get trapped in a complicated situation with cops surrounding them. The rest of the story forms the crux.


Both Varun Sandesh and Sundeep Kishan did their respective roles well. Melanie is just okay.

Naveen is decent enough and leaves his mark. Debutant actor Rakesh is entertaining. Devakatta as IPS officer delivers fine performance, Rishi Muvva as Chevulapilli is impressive. Other notable roles are essayed by Tanikella Bharani, Pruthvi, Raj Pippala, Fish Venkat. Nani’s voiceover in establishing characterizations is good and his song in the climax was shot well.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography is mediocre while the music by Mahesh Shankar is a bit impressive. Dialogues fail to impress. Sriraj Kalla’s fails in direction department despite interesting concept. Screenplay is uninteresting while the presentation is tedious. Editing isn’t consistent. Production values are okay.


Though D For Dopidi takes off well initially with good number of funny moments, it loses pace with the proceedings and fails to grab your attention. Logic goes for a toss big time and the proceedings look silly and absurd. The film drags on and on in the second half. While the first half is a bit okay, it’s hard to sail through the second half. The script is simple on bank robbery and for such storylines, either gripping narration or entertaining quotient works. Sadly, D For Dopidi doesn’t offer enough of the two. The writers could have executed thrilling moments a way better and also, the fun factor is plainly missing despite good characterizations. The key robbery scenes are not handled well. In addition, the climax is so boring.