Atanokkade Movie Reviews

Atanokkade Review

Just imagine Gharshana with two heroes and a villain who almost looks like the heroes. Get the picture? Add an impossible scientific idea. What do you get? Well, this hell and headache-inducer called Okkade (Kani Iddaru).

To be sure, the elevation of Ram and Lakshman, essentially stunt artistes, sounds good for the uplift of the lesser lights in filmdom. But it doesn't do any uplifting to your thirst for good cinema.

It is a story whose important twist is as stupid as any effort to make gold out of iron. Ram and Lakshman (Ram & Lakshman) are fired up by their dream to become police officers. But at every turn their efforts are scuttled by a corrupt system. So their parents get themselves killed in an accidents so that their insurance policy money would come handy for the duo.

When they come to know of the reason for their parents' death, the brothers are even more agitated and go about on cleansing mission. In the process, they kill the local mafia don's (Salim) brother. He in revenge takes out his anger on them. Steps in Dr. Madhumathi. What does she do? She stitches a new human being out of the two bodies. And the new one goes out and handles Panda.

By the time you come to the climax, you are sick of everything. To be sure, cinematic stories have their own logic. But the way the doctor comes up with a new human being out of two bodies is absurd and painfully hilarious. On the acting front, before you make up your mind as to who is Ram and who is Lakshman, the film ends. And at any rate, it doesn't matter as both look as emotive as freshly cut timber. Sanghavi has nothing much to do except making the path-breaking scientific impossibility.

Stunts are overdone. But that is understandable when the heroes are stunt masters. There is no technical gloss or directorial nuances.

A double dose of depression, actually.