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Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama Movie Reviews

Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama Review


Varun Sandesh, Komal Jha & Haasika’s “Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama” released today. The complete movie located in Rajamundhry. Priyathama neevachata kusalama is a youthful entertainer.

Our hero Varun(Varun Sandesh) is a joyful guy. He is a fortunate guy and loves Preethi(Haaskika). He always tries to impress Preethi. Exhausted of his schemes, Preethi finally state yes to Varun. She accepts his proposal. After some time Rao Ramesh comes into picture.

One fine day but very bad day to Varun, Preethi’s father Rao (Rao Ramesh) comes to know about his daughters love story. Then Rao come to a decision to get Preethi married to a different person. Varun knows the matter. He decides to abscond with Preethi and plans everything for that reason. Then unespectedly Preethi present Varun an absolute twist and leaves him. What happens next? What is the twist? For that you must watch movie…


Coming to analysis of the movie Director Trinadh Rao has dealt with the second half satisfactorily, but lost focus on the first half. Varun Sandesh looks stylish in the first half. He is with the mass appeal in the second half. Over all Varun has very much superior in his acting and dancing capabilities.

The major plus point of the film is movie second half. The entire story heart in the second half and has been shows extremely well. Heroine Hasika make an impression in the role of a noiseless girl. She definitely steals the show. Hasika character in the second half is of great consequence. And another roles Pragati, Subhleka Sudhakar done justice to their roles. Komal Jha’s acting is not up to the mark. Action scenes are a total unnecessary for this film. Not only they object the continuity of the film, they also look cheesy and dragged out.


Varun Sandesh electrifying performance is good plus in the movie. In movie second half he gave the bit stuff for mass audience also. Haasika had done justice to her role. Hassika looking good in all areas. Her roles are almost silent role. Komal Jha performance is not up to the mark. She is having priority in the movie but she didn’t perform well. Komal Jha looking ok except performance. Rao Ramesh character also main turn in the movie. Pragati, Subhleka Sudhakar also done well here.


Trinathrao Nakkina direction is good. Camera work is marvelous in this film. Sai Krthik’s done a very good job. His music is a major advantage to the film. Background score in a few scenes is mind-blowing. Screenplay, Script is not up to the mark here. But the second half of the movie is awesome. His taking is good. Editing is good. Production values are very good.