Yemaindi Eevela Movie Reviews

Yemaindi Eevela Review


Seenu (Varun) is going for his second marriage and he meets Nimisha (Nisha Shah) while Avantika (Nisha Agarwal) is also going for her second marriage and meets Yuva (Shashank). Both of them decide to tell about their past to their prospective life partners. The flashback reveals how Seenu and Avantika meet each other, fall in love, get married against their parents wishes and in no time, get separated as well. Now, the time comes when they are almost about to get married to their new partners. Whether they move on with their life or will their love and the essence of marriage stop them forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

Varun Sandesh has given a spirited performance. His foreign accent has reduced but he should not have forced the Telangana accent that looked superficial. He did his best to keep the film going. Telugu Movie Reviews

Nisha resembles Kajal in side angles and she looks cute. However, there is a lot of stiffness in her body language and it will take another three or four films for her to get that confidence and screen presence.

Vennela Kishore is a show stealer. In fact, he is the person who brings in some really nice moments of humor. It is about time the Tollywood folks give this talented performer some meatier roles and better banners.

Shashank did his bit as required but then he seems to have lost his confidence in front of the camera. His performance looked quite brittle, the flow and talent he showed in ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju’ was missing completely.

Nisha Shah looks voluptuous and seductive. She is comfortable and has the right kind of looks. If she can work on reducing her flab, she has the potential to grab few more offers.

Pragathi was elegant, few of her dialogues were quite thought provoking. MS Narayana and Krishna Bhagawan were brief, Madhu Sharma showed her oomph in the item song. Jhansi was okay.


* Vennela Kishore’s comedy
* The scenes where Pragathi reminds Nisha about the value of parents and the essence of marriage
* Varun’s dialogue on Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya


* Cheap and sleazy comedy
* The portrayal of girls in Ameerpet hostel and the portrayal of men on the whole
* Double meaning dialogues
* Songs and background score
* The cause of break up between Varun and Nisha looks absolutely silly
* The urge to have physical relationship and how Varun keeps begging Nisha for that

Final Analysis:

The major drawback in the film is the weak direction and the poor emotional graph. Many sequences which were crucial turned out stale and flaccid. The pace of the film was slow. Most importantly, the message in the movie is rather embarrassing.

The entire first half goes around how boys and girls are ‘making out’ in internet centers, Ameerpet center. The shocking factor is how the lead pair ends up in bed without hesitation and that was shown more in lust form than love. The portrayal of boys showing interest only in the physical aspects of a girl and how the girls in hostel tend to treat boyfriends is absurd. Maybe, things like that happen in real life but cinema is definitely not the medium to speak about it and create publicity.

The film was made to target the youth and college going audience and if the message for them is to have sex, get married later then the very norm of culture, tradition and human ethics goes down the drain. Sometimes, such films tend to mislead the youth.

At the box office, the film might score here and there due to the comedy and a bit due to the second half but this will score poorly in front of family audience and thinking audience.