Jimmy Review

One of the many debuts this year is of Mithun Chakraborthy€™s son Mimoh who was apparently supposed to make his debut with another film €˜HE€™. Though we haven€™t heard of that film which was also to be the launch for Hansika Mowani , Jimmy now comes as Mimoh€™s official launch pad.

Director Raj N Sippy , the man behind movies such as €˜Kudrat€™ , €˜Satte Pe Satta€™ and €˜Inkaar€™ returns to direction after a hiatus . Mithun Chakraborthy makes his presence felt as one of the producers of the film.


A young woman€™s body is recovered by the police. All leads to Jimmy (Mimoh ).A mechanical engineer by day and a dancing sensation by night , Jimmy works as a DJ in the local discotheque to pay off the debts left behind by his late father. While everybody is shocked, Jimmy owns up to the murder and is sentenced to death.

In a twist of fate, Jimmy realizes in jail that he has been drawn into a vicious conspiracy. Is it too late to unveil the truth?

The only reason why one would go to watch this movie is the hype surrounding Mimoh. Neither the songs nor the promos of the film have made any contribution towards enticing the audiences.

The only thing that came out from the promos was the fact that indeed Mimoh is a good dancer.

On the directional front, Raj N Sippy has made a complete mess. He seems to forget that the year is 2008 and Indian audiences are much mature and thus expect some quality content when they go ahead and watch a film.

The writer of the script- Ranbir Pushp the man behind Shahrukh€™s debut €˜Deewana€™ fails to understand what he really wants to put across to the audience. There is nothing gripping about the script and instead of being a movie that gives you a chill that you expect from a thriller , you are bound to laugh at the flow of events be it Mimoh€™s brain tumor or the suspense behind the film.

The movie is filled with clichés and the dialogues are simply humorous especially the €˜you are a rejected person!€™ bit.

On the acting front Vivana who has been seen in the thumbs up ad with Akshay Kumar has no scope,Rahul Dev and Sayed Zulfi are wasted.

As for Mimoh though many have commented about his voice, well that€™s not a problem at all as you can€™t expect every hero to sound like Amitabh Bachchan. Mimoh does prove he has great dancing skills but as an actor has a long way to go.

On the whole Jimmy doesn€™t favour Mimoh Chakraborthy and won€™t find favour at the box office too.

Rating : 1/2