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Honey Bee Review

Of late, booze and even drugs, expletives, fart and shit jokes are the essential ingredients in the new age comedies in Malayalam. Add all those quirky shots, Fort Kochi slang and references to some of the trendy yesteryear hits and the recipe gets seriously attractive.

If you are a sucker for such dishes, Lal Jr.'s Honey Bee could work for you to a certain extent.

Seban (Asif Ali), Angel (Bhavana), Fernando (Baburaj), Abu (Sreenath Bhasi), Ambross (Balu) and his sister Sara (Archana Kavi) are the members of a local music band, based in Fort Kochi.

Michael (Lal) and his brothers belong to a wealthy family and they virtually rule the area, with their muscle power. One of the brothers played by Suresh Krishna is a priest, who can be pretty cruel once he is not doing the holy prayers. Angel happens to be their sister and she is soon to be engaged to a cop.

But then, things don't happen the way they wanted after a booze party. Some curious escapades later, the gang is on the run.

Well, it is a simple story narrated in a fine way by the debutant director, who is the son of actor-director Lal. The camera and the music are good.

Among the performances, Asif Ali is fine, evidently as the focus is not really on him and he has very little to talk. Bhavana looks good but repeats her rather unimpressive style of acting and dialogue delivery.

In fact, it is Sreenath Bhasi and Baburaj, who make it all look interesting in a big way with their one-liners. Their style makes some of those corny dialogues look fine and could make you laugh as well. Lal and Suresh Krishna have done their part impressively.

Whether you like Honey Bee or not could be dependent on your idea of fun. The unending chase sequences and the unnecessarily serious climax area could turn out to be out of place. Still, this one is not really bad, if you are not offended by the efforts to make the viewers laugh.