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Sound Thoma Movie Reviews

Sound Thoma Review

The story kicks around Plapparambil Paulo [Saikumar] ‘s family,his three sons and the village.He is a wealthy financier,who wont spend a single penny for any events around the village,a real blade.He outcasted his first son [Mukesh] from family for the reason of marrying a Muslim woman,second son an MBA graduate,he hopes of getting a 2 crore as dowry for him.Third son is Thoma with a cleft lip and speech impaired but in love with a radio jockey [Namitha Pramod].

Thoma shares a very warm relationship with his father.This emotional angle and his love story which Vysakh believed to be humorous was just not reaching out to nowhere.Slight decree of humor is noticeable where house servant played by Suraj Venjaramoodu comes into screen and little unsound Thoma’s dialogues.
Imagine you are writing a story,its developing suddenly you put a full stop.A feeling comes across you,like you cant take the story forward without fighting the villain at the climax.Similar thoughts could have occurred to Team Sound Thoma.They brought a character,who wanted to take revenge on Paulo’s family for what he had done to our newly introduced character’s father. Revenge never gets old.
At the end,just a few unanswered mysteries [cant say its a mystery] reveal up by the Thoma’s Uncle [Nedumudi Venu].
Songs,gives you a privilege of looking away from the screen.Mere imitation of picturisation, just like Telugu film songs gets very disappointing.