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Aarohanam Movie Reviews

Starring Viji, Jayaprakash
Director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan
Year 2012

Aarohanam Review

Lakshmy shows the world that she can make films. With ‘Aarohanam’, her debut venture as a director, she has come out with a gripping film that conveys a strong message. In Carnatic music, Aarohanam means the ascending of the swaras, and the movie is also structured the same way.

The movie runs for just 90 minutes, and within that short span, Lakshmy has achieved what she has apparently wanted to. The film talks about the travails of women and motherhood, besides reflecting the society.

Nirmala (Viji Chandrasekar) is vegetable vendor and is hit by a car.

The story moves to flashback showing Nirmala as single mother, who has had a miserable marital life leading to estrangement from her husband and is taking care her of her daughter Selvi (Jai Quehini) who is geting married soon and son Senthil (Veeresh).

When Nirmala, a mother, caretaker and breadwinner of a family goes missing, her children, Selvi and Senthil, with the help of their father and few well wishers launch a search mission to find her. Along the course of the search, some events unfold paving way to a fitting and explosive climax. Will the mother get reunited with the family or not forms the rest of the story.