Attagasam Movie Reviews

Starring Ajith, Pooja
Music Bharadwaj
Director Saran
Year 2004

Attagasam Review

When a hit pair comes together, the expectations are always bound to be high.

So when Ajith and director Charan who pair up after the success of Kadhal Mannan and Amarkalam, there was an air of expectancy.

Though Attagasam does not rise up to that level, it is good in its own way especially because Ajith is energetic and Charan efficient.

The story may be slightly old but the director salvages it through some nifty screenplay. The story of twin brothers swapping places and taking revenge on the villain who had killed their father has an abiding impact with the masses.

The movie begins with Ajith, a driving instructor leading a happy life with his mother Sujatha. She hides from him the truth that his father, Nizhalgal Ravi, was murdered by a dadha, Babu Anthony.

The mother much against the boys wish packs off Ajiths twin brother, who had been witness to the murderer from a close quarter, to a distant town. He goes to Tuticorin and grows to become a gangster there.

When the younger Ajith visits Tuticorin, he comes across his elder brother. Seizing the opportunity, the elder brother kidnaps the younger one and decides to go as the driving instructor to Chennai.

Initially, he plans to take revenge on his mother for packing him off from their house at a very young age. However, upon coming across Babu Anthony, he takes up a mission to kill him.

Meanwhile at Tuticorin, the younger brother sets things right for the elder one.

The movie ends on a happy note with the two brothers doing all that film heroes are supposed to do --- kill the evil ones, marry the lady love and make the mother happy.

Ajith is willing and efficient. He has a raw passion and comes out shining in the double role. He has the right nuances to differentiate the two characters. The dialogues, with some hidden meanings, will certainly appeal to his fans. He carries the story on his broad shoulders. The films success is mainly due to him.

Puja, as the hero's love interest, has nothing much to do.

Sujatha plays a typical emotional mother. Karunas comedy evokes a few guffaws. Mahadevan, Illavarasan, Vaiyapuri, V M C Haneefa are also in the cast.

Music by Bharadwaj is okay with a couple of foot-tapping mass numbers.

For Charan after the remake success of Vasool Raja MBBS, this may be a continuation of the good work. His good vibes with Ajith is pretty evident.

The film on the whole is an unpretentious entertainer.