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Chandra Movie Reviews

Chandra Review

Shriya Saran and Prem Kumar are the striking points of Chandra. Roopa Iyer has taken huge responsibilities of designing costumes, art direction along with story, screenplay and the direction departments. As a result, the film looks very rich with splendid colours. Chandra is the love story of a girl from a Royal family and a boy, who is the son of their family friend. Both hero and heroine share the same name - Chandra. The director has penned a simple story and has given a lavish look through rich production values to the film. Every frame in the movie is a treat to watch. Being a girl from the Royal family, her family wants her to marry a guy, who will be equal to their family in status.

The hero Chandra alias Chandrahasan (Prem), who returns from the Himalayas after learning Ayurveda, is an expert in martial arts and singing. It is like a story told through poems. Here, each and every frame has ample of expressions. And imagine how the actors would have lived their characters! Yes, the eyes and body language of the lead stars speak better than words at parts. Coming back to the story, the boy and girl instantly fall for each other. But they never express it with words. While the girl's family finds a perfect alliance in the form of a US-based guy (Ganesh Venkataraman), the love between the couple grows by leap and bounds on the other end. Just when the story started appearing like Hindi movie Pardes starring Shahrukh, the tale returns to the original track to move towards a predictable end.