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David Review

Story: The film revolves around two Davids, who dwell at two different place - one at Goa and other at Mumbai.David (Jeeva), a guitarist wants to become a musician but has troubles in his family.

His father is a priest who faces wrath of a one community.Meanwhile in Goa, David (Vikram) is a fisherman, who wants to marry Roma (Isha Sharwani) but the problem is that she is engaged to his close friend.

What happens in their lives makes up the ending

Performance: Vikram rocks the show. Be it emotions or joy, he is there giving his best. Splendid and stylish all through. Watch out for his expressions in the climax as he delivers his best.Jiiva has evolved a lot.

From a fun-loving youth, he shoulders the responsibility of playing a role that demands perfection and he does well. Isha Sharvani is cute while Tabu is expressive.

Nasser with his string presence makes it count.The whole movie boils down to an excellent climax that is riveting

Analysis: Bejoy Nambiar has proved that difficult things can be easily narrated on screen. be it emotional elements or humorous encounters, screenplay comes well for him.But for some needless draggy sequences, David is a movie that is worth a watch.