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Kallaapetti Movie Reviews

Kallaapetti Review


Yogi (ashwin) is a happy go lucky guy but in between he also does the job of Cutting broker. Meanwhile, his mother who is a vegetable vendor takes loan from Dandapani (namo narayana) at high interests. In one instance, Yogi comes across Jyotisha (veni) and Bhoomika (rosin). Among them Jyotisha gets close to Yogi but trouble comes in the form of Dandapani who wants to bed Jyotisha. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a meaningful storyline and while the presentation was okay, the narrative was not that gripping. The dialogues were weak. The script was below average and the screenplay was poor. The background score was dull and songs were unimpressive. Cinematography was the saving grace. Editing was crisp and sharp. Costumes were well designed while the art department was moderate. Ashwin has given an okay performance but nothing great. Rosin was just alright. Namo Narayana was good. Jayaprakash was nice. Black Pandi brought few smiles.

Coming up with a good idea is one thing and executing the good idea into a good film is another thing. Here the film comes with a reality subject but it has not been packaged well enough. The first half goes about with some lighter elements like comedy, romance, songs etc. but the second half goes into something twisted and melodramatic with emotional complication. Overall, this is a film which would have worked if it was carved properly. At the box office, this will be a loser.