Kundakka Mandakka Movie Reviews

Starring Parthiben
Year 2005

Kundakka Mandakka Review

Parthiban - Vadivelu had combined together to give memorable comedies in their earlier films. It is with the avowed intention of recreating that original flavor that they have come together in Kundakka Mandakka. If you are ready to pardon the paucity of logic in the script then the film is certainly worth a few laughs. The leading duos essential understanding does work still.

Debutant director Ashokan tries his best to get the out of seasoned performers like Parthiban and Vadivelu .

Parthiban as usual comes up with tricks, which always ends up Vadivelu in trouble.Though the essential idea is old, they do evoke plenty of guffaws.

The movie is all about Ilango (Parthiban), a middle-class youth, who dreams to get his sister Kavitha (Autograph Mallika) married to a millionaire. He is all very keen on becoming rich and falls in love with Roopa (Lakshmi Rai), daughter of a rich industrialist. Now and then Ilango comes across Chellappa (Vadivelu), a petty thief, and takes him for a fun ride.

A sequence of events makes Ilango realize that money is not everything in life. He finally, along with Chellappa, takes efforts to get his sister married to the boy, whom she loved.

Bharadwaj's music is average, while editing by Suresh Urs is par for the course.

Parthiban, as usual, is pretty sharp in his repartee and witticisms. He has a way with words and it comes naturally to him. Vadivelu provides relief at many places in the movie while Lakshmi Rai oozes glamour all through.

Director Ashokan shows some sparkle in handling earthy humor.