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Kanpesum Varthaigal Movie Reviews

Kanpesum Varthaigal Review

An alright tale the story is about Mahesh (senthil) who lives in Thiruvavur with is parents and is jobless. But he keeps enjoying with his friends. But his father (livingston) is upset and attempts suicide. This makes Mahesh get in touch with his relative Appu Kutty (Muruga Dass) who lives in Singapore and he manages a work visa. His aim is to get Singapore citizenship and in this process he meets Janani (iniya). Mahesh is told by Janani’s friend Nimmi that she is a Singapore citizen. Mahesh decides to woo her and what happens after that forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a structured storyline and while the presentation was impressive, the narrative was decent. The dialogues were upto the mark. The script was average and the screenplay was moderate. The background score was not that catchy and songs were ordinary. Cinematography was the best. Editing was alright. Costumes were stylish and the art department was apt. Senthil has given a good performance and shown versatility. Ineya looks pretty and did well in her role. Muruga Doss was moderate, Rajendran was regular, Madhimitha was neat. Others didn’t have much scope.

The basic plot of the film shows some promise but since the subject is not that deep it requires a very slick narration. The first half of the film is interesting and goes at good pace but the second half has struggled a bit with slow pace and lengthy dialogues. But the film will be a free trip to Singapore the way it has been captured. Overall, this is a film which can work with the family audience and if it promoted well it can reach an above average zone at the box office.