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Mathil Mel Poonai Movie Reviews

Mathil Mel Poonai Review


Mathil Mel Poonai is a thriller entertainer which starts with two different stories - one is about a group of school kids, who indulge in a series of bizarre and violent activities, then the second story revolves around a young couple. The young couple will go through many horrible experiences when they visit their native place. Plot goes through many thrilling experiences as well as horrible scenes and both the stories will converge is the interesting part of the story.


Vijay Vasanth showed some matured performance when compared to his earlier flicks. It’s surely a tough job for Vijay Vasanth’s to perform some heroic stunts towards the end.

Vibha Natarajan is pretty and she has been put through a strenuous physical experience in the second half. Her hard work can be seen clearly on the screen where she performs some heroic acts in the end.

Technical Analysis

Ganesh Raghavendra's background scores are perfect however the songs are not up to the mark. Screenplay will let you down at few places, editing isn’t smooth as we can see amateur skill at few places, Action choreography is brilliant. Production values are adequate. Director Bharani Jaypal has chosen non-linear narrative structure to narrate this action thriller.


Director Bharani Jayapal has come up with an innovative storyline. The screenplay is remarkable as proceedings happen in a hilly area for the majority of this part before an inexplicable shift in terrain in the climax. Cameraman L.K.Vijay has done a wonderful job in capturing the thrilling scenes.