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Vathikuchi Movie Reviews

Vathikuchi Review


Shakthi (Dhileeban) is a share-auto driver falls in love with Leena (Anjali), the local girl who travels in his auto every day. With Shakthi’s kindhearted nature he falls prey for three groups who seek for revenge on Shakthi. The plot revolves between Shakthi impressing Leena and three goon gangs who want to get their revenge by killing Shakthi.


Dhileeban delivers adequate performance in his debut. He shaped himself very well for auto driver role. His action scenes are worth a watch.

Anjali performed quite well as girl from remote area who flees to urban area. Anjali’s proposal rejection scenes will bring some humor.

Saranya Ponvannan again plays her trade mark mother role and she did quite well. Jayaprakash, Sampath Raj and Jagan are adequate in their roles as antagonists.

Technical Analysis

R.B.Gurudev’s cinematography has nothing new to offer and the two songs are beautifully captured. Ghibran’s music is good while the background score is promising for the plot. Editing by Praveen and Srikanth has been very impressive. Kinslin’s doesn’t look like a debut director. He is so clear about his about outputs and he never lost his grip on the story and delivers a good entertainer in the form of Vatthikuchi.


Kinslin tried to showcase Dhileeban in a mass thriller role but the problem is Dhileeban looked odd while romancing Anjali. Dhileeban- Anjali proposal rejection and Anjali’s conversation with her friends in spoken English class evokes laughter providing you the relief in the first half. As said earlier Kinslin maintained the constant momentum in narrating the story. It’s only the second half that will have lot of action scenes and will also impress you slightly with some twists and climax could be much better. However, first half is quite entertaining but second half has got few twists and action scenes except climax.