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Gautam (Mahesh Babu) is a rock star, who has dark past and is haunted by nightmares. When he was a child, his parents get killed and all he remembers is the murderers faces through nightmares. Imagining a person to be one of the murderers he chases him and takes revenge by killing him. However, he later realizes that it is just his hallucination and he is suffering from psychological disorder. Gautam meanwhile meets Sameera (Kriti Sanon), a journalist who helps him to find his answers. What happens next forms the rest.


It’s Mahesh Babu’s show all the way. He moulds himself for this unique role putting in maximum efforts. Mahesh has terrific screen presence and with the intensity he does few scenes is really appealing.

Newbie Kriti Sanon looks good though she hasn’t had much scope for performance. Kriti’s moves in Aww Tuzo are superb.

Kelly Dorjee and Nasser did their roles well. Gautam Krishna looks smart and is quite good. Sophie Chowdary sizzles in item song. Posani is impressive in a cameo.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography by Ratnavelu is major asset. Visuals are amazing. DSP’s music is on top notch. BGM elevates the crucial scenes. Dialogues are gripping. Action scenes are brilliantly shot. Editing is poor. Sukumar’s direction is okay while screenplay is complex. 14 Reels production values are rich.


It’s Mahesh Babu’s show all the way. His terrific screen presence is the saving grace of the film. 1 is the story of a distressed child who sees his parents being killed at young age. He doesn’t remember his parents faces, but in the form of nightmares he memorizes faces of killers.

1 Nenokkadine psychological play game and Sukumar makes an intellectual effort in few of the scenes, especially the twists and the interval bang are extremely good. The interval bang at the doubt of realism or vision is well-framed. Scenes of Mahesh trying to fathom if his vision is indeed true including few twists in the second half are impressive.

1 Nenokkadine is technically good though graphics could have been much better. Camera work is on top notch thanks to Ratnavelu and 14 Reels Production values. DSP’s music is extremely good but the placement hampers the flow.

First half is slow paced, it’s only at the interval the pace picks up but the bang is perfect. Few Goa episode scenes could have been trimmed. The second half picks up pace though it could have been much more effective instead of lengthy chases which neither adds thrill factor. Climax is unnecessarily dragged. The entertainment factors are missing and run length plays the spoil sport. Sukumar has taken the simple plot to complex screenplay but couldn’t handle it.


Mahesh Babu

Interval Bang and Few twists




Run Time

Too many chase sequences

Complex screenplay