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143 Hyderabad Movie Reviews

143 Hyderabad Review


143 Hyderabad Telugu movie released today. This is dubbed Tamil movie. The movie is completely thriller movie. It is based on the story of psycho killer. It will get good response in Tamil. Director of the movie is Anand Chakravarthy. Jagan and Lakshmi Nayar in other lead roles here. This Thriller movie is encouraged from a Hollywood movie.

The movie will revolve into five friends. One fine day they are five decide to vacation to one of the famous place that is Goa. Priya(Lakshmi Nayar)also one of the person in the five friends group. Priya is an archeologist. At that time she suggests on the way to Goa we have to visit a very old temple. It will help her archeological schoolwork. Anyone agreed in the group to her proposal. Then they started to the temple first. After some move sudden incident occurs. Then entire group falls into bottomless trouble. They started to run away from these circumstances. But at that time one by one killed by an unidentified psycho killer. What happened finally? Who will survive will form the rest of the story.


Coming to the movie analysis lead pair done a very good job here. First half in especially routine. The entire movie is having some of the double meaning dialogues. Suspense part which is created by director is just ok. The movie screenplay is somewhere like bits and pieces. But major areas of the thrills in the second half are extremely interesting. They made well. Coming to the climax done a very good job. Overall movie is just average. But the movie is may be worthy watch.


Jagan, Lakshmi Nayar performances are too good. Both of their roles are very good. Dhansika in particular was very good. They have done a decent job in thriller areas of the movie. Rest of the cast also had done justice to their respective roles.


Coming to the technical aspects of the thriller director Anand Krishna done a perfect job here. He was made the second half is really superb in the entire thing. Coming to the thrilling elements for the most part he managed well to stick the audience for the most of the film. Cinematography is appropriate in the entire movie. More than ever in the thrilling moments camera work is superb. Music as well as Background score by Selva Ganesh is good quality. Screen Play is just average. Dialogues are ok. Production values also ok here.