Autonagar Surya Review


Surya (Naga Chaitanya) turns orphan with his parents being killed by a goon Kotilingam in a train journey. Though initially he stays with his uncle Bharani (Sai Kumar), he later turns an ambitious auto mechanic. With his rebellious attitude, Surya ends up in jail on killing a goon, going against system. When he comes back, he realizes that the autonagar area has been in the hands of Indra (Jayaprakash Reddy) and Mayor Kotilingam who are illegally minting money from the hard-earned people. How Surya goes against them and frees Autonagar people from mafia hands forms the rest.


Naga Chaitanya has done a full-length mass role and he has delivered a decent performance uttering lengthy dialogues. He is very impressive in the pre-interval block and union scenes.

Samantha is beautiful and performed well in her limited roles. Scenes between Naga Chaitanya and her are good.

Nandu is apt for the role and Madhu is impressive. Sai Kumar is good while Jaya Prakash Reddy and Ajay were decent. Bramhanandam and Venu madhav are wasted in poor roles.

Technical Analysis

Anup Rubens musical scores are just okay while the background score could have been better. Cinematography is pretty ordinary. Deva Katta penned dialogues are impressive though few of them are lengthy. Screenplay is gripping in the first half while turns predictable in later hour. Editing is inconsistent. Production values are standard.


Autonagar Surya being Devakatta directorial had quite good expectations and the trailers and the dialogues have raised them more. Like his previous films, Autonagar Surya has also a revenge backdrop theme with intense plotline but the execution is clichéd with inconsistent screenplay. The film sure has its engaging moments with well-written pre-interval episodes, climax and the first hour is gripping.

The hero characterization and his rebellious attitude are impressive but the revenge aspect doesn’t look strong enough until climax scenes, while the second half is handled in a weakly. Audiences end up tired due to its run length, unnecessary songs and much violence. Autonagar Surya struggles with its slow pace throughout and the comedy or the songs fails to provide relief. Despite some very good dialogues and well-executed pre-interval episodes, it falls short of expectations due to its wafer thin story, weak comedy and the excessive run-length.