Bad Boy Review

Karthik has given his best but his over acting at many places irritates you. He did little justice in couple of songs, fight scenes and he failed terribly to generate comedy onscreen. Santhanam comedy is not up to mark of his standards in this flick when compared to his previous movies. For the first time it looked like Santhanam was struggling hard to bring laughs in the hall. Anushka is totally wasted, you can literally counts how many minutes you see her on screen. There is one song given to her in entire film, where she looked cute and that song was shorten for two minutes. Rest of the character just pass by in fraction of minutes without any importances given to their character.

Bad Boy Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Tamil director Suraj has successfully spoiled the Bad Boy film with his routine story, uninteresting screenplay, cheap double-meaning dialogues and poor directional skills. This is the first time that a composer like Devi Sri Prasad has created an album, in which not even a single song is worth listening too. But background score helps in elevating certain moments of the film, though overall it lacks energy. National award winner duo editors Praveen and Srikanth couldn't edit the film to engage Telugu audience for at least few minutes. Saravanan Cinematography is not good but fight scenes are filmed kewl.

Bad Boy Review : Analysis

Karthi has created his own market in Tollkywood with back to back hit films but fall down with his last film Shakuni facing box office failure. Anushka has almost given gud bye to Telugu films is coming up with Karthi after scoring success with Mirchi this year. With the talk of Bad Boy Tamil version Alex Pandian being biggest disaster in Kollywood, let’s see what it is offering Telugu audiences. Film starts with a small train chase scene where Karthi performs unrealistic fights to save Anushka from badies. Next scenes will land you in Santhanam house, he has three pretty sisters and a mother. The comedy track between Karthi & Santhanam was not written properly, so it failed to generate laughs in the hall. And even the Karthi scenes with Santhanam looks pathetically filmed by the director. First half ruin in & around this plot with few songs, fights and makes you eagerly waiting to see interval card. Second half is where the true identity of Karthi & Anushka characters gets revealed. Love track between leads did not match up with the ongoing confused movie plot and looked more like it’s forcibly added in the film. Poorly written screenplay, very predicable scenes flowing one after the other will torture you to leave theater as early as possible .