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Bangaru Kodipetta Movie Reviews

Bangaru Kodipetta Review


Bhanumathi (Swathi) and Vamsi (Navdeep) works in energy drink company. Murthi (Harshavardhan), is the boss of the company who takes advantage of Bhanumathi, who is need of money and sexually harasses her and she gets out of company. Bhanumati teams up with Vamsi and the duo plan for a car robbery with gold biscuits and coins from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Will the two succeed in plan? How do they overcome obstacles is the rest of the story.


Navdeep is quite good and delivers restrained performance. He leads the story and he plays Vamsi role with ease.

Swathi looks cute and entertains in the role of Bhanu character. She does the role with her trademark expressions. She has equal importance as the lead character.

Harshvardhan is effective as cunning boss, Ram-Laxman are okay in their respective roles and Santhosh delivers neat performance as Venu, an aspiring star.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography is first-class and the visuals looked colorful. Mahesh Shankar composed tunes are impressive but the background score is mediocre. Raj Pipalla direction is mediocre, screenplay could have been much effective for such genre, Editing isn’t consistent especially in the first half. Production Values are standard.


Bangaru Kodipetta plot looks interesting, which deals with three different stories connecting in the end but director Raj Pippalla fails to provide the needed entertainment in such genres. First half of the film is quite slow while it’s only in the second half the pace picks up. The climax is dealt well. The film offers few twists and the performances of the lead cast are an asset for the movie. However, screenplay could have been much more effective with entertainment and impressive dialogues, instead the routine dialogues doesn’t elevate the scenes. Such genre films need to be fast-paced providing entertainment, but Bangaru Kodipetta misses the magic in these aspects resulting in a one-time watch.