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Gouravam Movie Reviews

Gouravam Review


Arjun (Allu Sirish), a rich guy moves on an expedition to find his missing friend Shankar. When he reaches Shankar’s village he finds out that his friend eloped with a girl who is of higher caste than his and is also village head Pasupati’s (Prakash Raj) daughter, who goes missing for six months. Now, Arjun finds it very tough in finding his missing friend and with the help of a trainee lawyer Tamini (Yami Gautam) he will come across many unpleasant facts. Now, dealing with all these consequences forms the crux.


Allu Sirish hasn’t chosen the same old action entertainer or a love genre on his debut. As a debutant, he did an okay job but he needs to get polished in his dances, and expressions to prove his talent.

Yami Gautam opted for a spotless and careful script. She holds some weighted role in this film which is very hard find yet she performed well and impresses as trainee lawyer.

Prakash Raj suits himself in showing various grey shades. He performed well as a father who is in deep pain and as a village head who struggles to get back the lost admiration in the society.

Technical Analysis

Just like every Radha Mohan’s film, Gouravam is also technically sound film. Cinematographer Preetha has done a fine job in capturing locales of a village. S.S.Thaman musical scores are pleasing while the background score is impressive. Alen’s editing is quite decent as this kind of movies will have nothing more to offer. Director Radha Mohan should be appreciated for taking such a gentle issue.


Allu Sirish chooses a thought provoking story for his debut and this is in fact a good choice. Director Radha Mohan and producer Prakash Raj should get the credits for choosing such a highly sensible script. As said earlier, this kind of script should be handled logically and with gripping narration but Gouravam falters with slow paced narration. Gouravam has got more sentiment, action and the climax becomes preachy. First half of the movie is extremely slow paced and second half is decent but the lack of commercial elements might not appeal Telugu audiences.