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Laddu Babu Movie Reviews

Laddu Babu Review


Laddu Babu (Naresh) is a obese person who often gets targeted by people around him for his personality. He lives with his father Kishtaiah (Kota Sreenivasa Rao) who has an ancestral property which can sold after Laddu Babu marriage and so he tries his best to get him married. Meanwhile, he falls for Maya (Poorna) while he also comes across a kid Murthy and his mother (Bhumika). However, Laddu Babu gets to know that Maya doesn’t love him. What does he do to earn love? Will he succeed in love and what is the story of Murthy and mother forms rest.


Allari Naresh has put in lot of hardwork for his getup and role and he has made his efforts to carry the movie on his shoulders. Despite director’s fail in poor script, Allari Naresh hard work should be appreciated.

Poorna looks good and is passable in her role. Bhumika is beautiful and she is convincing in her brief limited role.

Kota Srinivasara Rao is regular while others Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav made cameo appearances

Technical Analysis

Chakri’s musical scores are mediocre and same is with the background score. Cinematography is okay and has nothing to boast of. Ravi Babu’s direction is bad, screenplay is terrible while editing is pathetic. Makeup artists however did amazing job. Being a Ravi Babu directorial with Allari Naresh as lead, audiences would expect entertaining comedy scenes from the film, but Laddu Babu is poorly penned movie. Production values are standard.


Being the Allari film combo (Ravi Babu and Allari Naresh), audiences have expected a good comedy entertainer. The posters and look of Allari Naresh has raised hopes on the movie, however, Laddu Babu has neither entertaining elements nor engaging script. Ravi Babu seems to have totally focused on Allari Naresh’s look than the script. Screenplay is highly predictable that the curiosity element is missing.

Laddu Babu lacked impressive comedy scenes and the film falls flat with nothing exciting coming up. Too many illogical scenes make the proceedings unconvincing. Allari Naresh has put in lot of efforts to be shown as a fat guy but his work has gone completely in vain due to wafer-thin storyline and uninteresting narration.

Laddu Babu remains as one of the poor films in both Allari Naresh and Ravi Babu careers.