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Okka Ammayi Thappa Movie Reviews

Okka Ammayi Thappa Review

The action and romantic entertainer drama "Okka Ammayi Thappa", is inspired from the real-life experience of director Rajasimha Tadinada, has hit the theaters today on 10th June . Sundeep Kishan and Nithya Menen are playing the lead role. Let’s see the story line

Story: Aslam (Rakul Dev) is a terrorist who is in Challapalli Jail. His gang wants to take him back and with this intention, Pakistani Anwar (Ravi Kishan) sketches a bomb blast on High Tech flyover where the traffic is jammed because of lorry accident. Super intelligence Youth Krishna Vachan (Sundeep Kishan) is a guy who is in the love of his Childhood friend, stuck on the flyover due to traffic jam. On the other side Mango (Nithya Menon) is forced to get married to the guy who is selected by her grandmother and to avoid it, she left her car, took the share auto and stuck in the traffic on flyover. How the terrorist group execute their plan and how Krishna will save the public with his plan, form rest of the story.

Plus Point: ( Performance of Sundeep Kishan, Climax )
Minus point: ( Comedy, Predictable Screenplay, Uninteresting execution )

Performance: Sundeep Kishan delivered his best in the role of Krishna Vachan. He did fantastic job as lover. Nithya Menen who is popular for her performance and characterization, disappointed the audiences as she became fail on both this aspects. She performed well but did not get much scope to prove her performance skills. Throughput the movie, she was seen sitting in the share auto. Ravi Kishan has proved once again his ability in the role of villain but as his dubbed voice looks very loud at various places that spoil the entertainment level. Ali as comedian performed well and became successful to give much laugh to the audiences. There are number of artists in the movie like Sapthagiri, Prudhvi, Tagubothu Ramesh , Venu Tillu, Fish Venkat, Saptagiri and others but failed to create any good impact. In some places, Prudhvi are too loud and irritating.

Technical: The music department is handled by Mickey J Meyer, the songs and background score is below par. The cinematography work is handled by Chota K Naidu is excellent. Editing is ok. VFX work are let down. The dialogues are ok. Production value is good. The director Rajasimha chosen the novel plot but his bad direction spoil the taste of the movie. The terrorist demand to release another terrorist and old separated lovers meet accidentally, everything follows the predictable line. There are no any excitement elements in first or second half of the movie. The climax part, only last few minutes generate the curiosity when the villain and actor came in front of each other.

Analysis: A childhood love story between Kishna Vachan and Mango, became fail to impress the audiences. Director and writer Rajasimha Tadinada has become fail to utilize the talent of its cast. The first half of the movie tests the patience of the audiences and it becomes interesting in the interval scenes and at the time of climax. The major drawback of the movie is its content and screenplay. Director became fail to narrate the story in proper way. Overall Oka Ammayi Tappa disappointed the audiences.