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Ongole Gitta Review


Ram, Bommarillu Bhaskar’s Ongole Gitta released today. Ongole Gitta is a romantic-action entertainer. Ram is not latest to mass roles and movies; director Bhaskar is new for mass movies. Ram is tired of imitating Pawan Kalyan, so this time he imitates Ravi Teja.

Coming to story Aadikesavulu (Prakash Raj) is the chairman of Ongole Market Yard. He gets a good reputation in the farmers there due to his wonderful performance as a good man. His wish is to relocate the market yard to a different place which will bring him 200 crores. Here our hero will come into picture.

White (Ram) is a bold and energetic mirchi dealer in Ongole Mirchi yard. He falls in love with Sandhya (Kriti Kharbandha), the daughter of the chairman of the yard Adikesavulu (Prakash Raj) and asks his permission to marry her. Standing in the race for the chairman’s post.

At that time he agree for the challenge and Aadikesavulu should give his daughter Sandhya (Krithi) to him. Here Prabhu, Jayaprakash Reddy also there in movie. What exactly their roles are? Who won in the challenge? For that you must watch the movie….


Bommarillu Bhaskar has made his comeback to direction two years after his failed attempt Orange. Bhaskar choosen a simple storyline here. Coming to ongole gitta movie analysis most of the film was attempt in the chilli market yard. The first half an hour gives an interesting feel of the movie and but it impresses you with a few romantic songs, fights and comedy. Second half of the film goes into flashback mode. But the story gets struck in the second half with exhausted narration. The fight scene in the climax is superb.


Ram performance is simply superb. He has done justice to his role. Prakash Raj excellent performance is the main highlights of the film. Kishore Das and Raghu Babu's acting is good. Prabhu was as typical and polite. Prabhu performed well. While Abhimanyu Singh, Ahuthi Prasad, Ajay id their jobs well. Comedy between Ram, Kishore Das was weak. Ali was done a good job. Raghu Babu done justice to his role.


Bommarillu Bhaskar’s direction is okay. But not that much. He is new for mass films. Cinematograophy by Marthand K Venkatesh was brilliant and appropriate to this variety of behavior. Kathir's editing was bad with many scenes comprehensive more than the necessary. Music by GV Prakash and Mani Sharma was a regular score with no worth. Production values of SVCC and Bapineedu are considerable.