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Doosukeltha Movie Reviews

Doosukeltha Review


Chinna (Vishnu Manchu) joins for a news channel headed by Posani and makes a deal to shoot a video in a minister’s house. During the process he gets into danger and Alekhya (Lavanya Tripathi) saves him. Impressed with Alekhya, he follows him and saves her when needed. The duo falls for each other but Alekhya gets to know that Chinna is a childhood neighbor whom she hates from 13 years due to the past? What is the past of Alekhya and family? Will Chinna and Alekhya reunite forms the other part of the story.


Manchu Vishnu is good in action sequences and comedy scenes. He improved in comic timing and dances in Doosukeltha. He could improve a bit more in dialogue delivery.

Lavanya is beautiful and she has good scope since the story revolves around her role. She delivers an okay job.

Brahmanandam is a treat to watch while Vennela Kishore is hilarious. Kota Srinivasa Rao is significant, Bharat, Hema did their jobs as required. Ali is limited. Others were adequate.

Technical Analysis

Mani Sharma’s musical scores are mediocre but they are visually appealing with beautiful locales in the backdrop. Background score is good. Cinematography is neat, editing is crisp. Story is routine while the screenplay is gripping. Dialogues are interesting. Veeru Potla scores as director once again. Production values are good.


Veeru Potla made Doosukeltha with right mix of commercial elements. The story though routine is sensible and screenplay is gripping. The first half is filled with ample comedy and Vishnu, Brahmi scenes are a treat to watch. The second half is implemented in Ready style format with punchlines. Brahmanandam and Bharath have done a very good job. Climax looked silly with illogical action scenes. Lakshmi Manchu has nothing to do for the film and it’s just a cameo for few seconds. The makers have hyped her song as a promotional strategy.

Despite Veeru Potla coming up with routine storyline, he presented it an interesting way with loads of hilarious scenes. Right from the word go Doosukeltha offers entertainment. Vishnu Manchu has been opting for a safe route of comedy entertainers rather than experiments and Doosukeltha is one such film that garners positive response for its entertainment.